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Solo Travel Or Group Travel

When you get tired of your busy life hectic schedule, deadlines, you plan a holiday to relax and rejuvenate. These days a lot of travelers prefer Solo to Group travel as it adds more spice and thrill. However, if you are planning Solo or Group tours, and confused about which one to go for, then here are some points that can help you to decide and equip yourself to start it.
Advantages of Group Travel
1. Saves Money – Group travel will always be cost-effective. You get better pricing of hotel rooms when you book in bulk; transportation cost is less as the cost is equally divided on all the passengers. Group rates into attractions, excursions are always cheaper.
2. Meeting New People – Journey for some people is about making new friends and colleagues and if you are one of them, then group travel gives you that luxury. You will get a chance to make new friends along. You will get the privilege to travel with different varieties of people with different tastes, some will be humorous, some will be entertainers, some will be stock market gurus, some will be teachers, etc. Some people will have the same likes or dislikes as yours which basically takes care of boredom in travel and let you enjoy the journey and destination both.
3. Safety – You always feel safe when you travel in a group, particularly in unknown places. Every town or city in every country has its problems, even if they are small – pickpockets, crazy drivers, etc. When you travel in a group, you have someone to watch your back.
4. Tour Guide – Mostly you have TOUR GUIDES when traveling in a group. So you have someone to accompany, show you around, help to solve your issues in a different city or country. Plus tour guides help travelers to feel and understand the place well, as they explain the importance of place and why visitors come here.

1. Lack of Freedom – In a group everything is pre-decided i.e, hotels, transportation, sightseeing places, and time. You have to follow the timetable. You can’t go alone as per your wish.
2. No privacy – It’s a group tour so you are always surrounded by people, there will be no privacy.
3. Different interests – Not everyone is interested in the same thing. And it’s really annoying when you have to visit a place with the group and you are not at all interested in what all are doing. You are more interested in museums or ancient architecture wherein others are more into bus tours or beach outings.
4. Getting Along – In a group sometimes it gets tough to adjust with others. And if you don’t get along with someone or people it really gets awkward to travel.

Advantages of Solo Travel

Decision Maker – You are the one who will be making decisions. You decide which place to visit and when. Visit the place at your own pace. Plus a lot of planning is required to be done in advance; which hotel to book, what are the famous foods in the place of a visit, etc, booking of bus or car or train or flight to reach the destination.
Quality time – As a solo traveler you get some quality time to spend with your near and dear ones.

Disadvantages of Solo Travel
Safety – When you are traveling solo you have no one look your back. You have no one to look after if you fall sick or mugged or attacked. Plus these days, a lot of Solo travelers do video blogging as well, which poses security threats as it reveals your location if someone is tracking or following to harm you.
Loneliness – if you are traveling solo for the first time you might feel bored. So you have to have this thing in mind before planning for a solo trip. This is the single biggest factor why people don’t travel solo.
All in all, there are advantages or disadvantages of both. It all depends on your personality or the type of holiday you are looking for. If you like people around and gel with people easily or you prefer spending ME time alone, away from the crowd. The decision is all yours.
Tourisp as a community
We at Tourisp are creating a community of travelers to help them with advice, suggestions, hotels, etc. to make their travel beautiful and memorable. For any help or advice, do raise your queries at support@tourisp.com

Want our professional team to plan an affordable and memorable Solo or Group for you? Contact us!

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